Our Story

It requires a great amount of passion, strong values, dedication, attention and hard work to make Glenmaster. To be honest this is our life.

Since the inception of Gelnmaster, we are the same and we love to be old-fashioned.

We are very stubborn about our principles and due to this, we had to stop our production many times for many years. However, our passion to continue the legacy was much stronger every time we revived the production. Ours was a very humble beginning with the aim to reach out to the farthest of the shores to promote the passion of artfully crafted Scotch Whisky. Given that whisky is mostly assessed and valued by its label and packaging and is sold with the help of big budget marketing campaigns, not many people attempt to understand “what is inside the bottle”. We strongly believe that “what is inside the bottle” is more important than any other thing while making our product.

We believe that the product inside a bottle is more important than the bottle itself, because it is the product which goes inside us and not the bottle or label. Glenmaster has some of the oldest recipes with very rich heritage in the Scotch Whiskey world. For us, it is all about the ingredients and how they are processed. All our ingredients are of the finest and purest quality, sourced locally, and processed in small batches with utmost attention in a serene natural environment. They are released for bottling only after they are perfectly aged and matured.

Welcome to the world of Glenmaster, where you find real Whisky not Stories.